Payment Methods

Junior Shoes Corfu

All prices of our e-shop refer to cash purchases. These prices apply to quantities available at our store and we reserve the right to adjust prices. The prices of the products are stated with VAT.

Should you choose a bank deposit or credit the payment must be made within 5 business days of the date of approval and confirmation of your order, or it will be canceled.

We support the following payment options for your convenience:

1. Deposit to a Bank Account

After consideration with the store’s manager you can make a deposit to our store at the following bank account:

Chartofylakas Leonidas


IBAN 4601 4068 0068000 233000 1130

 For your convenience, please give your bank name and order number as a reason the transaction. After your transaction, please submit your receipt by mail or let us know by phone.

The payment must be made by only one deposit in our bank account.

2. Credit Card

We support  Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express credit, debit and prepaid card payment options.

3. Pay with PayPal

The renowned way of making Payments Online.

4. Cash on Delivery by Courier (for deliveries within Greece only)

The final amount of your order together with the shipping costs will be paid to the Courier at the time of receipt.

Due to the fact that sometimes the recipient forgets to receive his order, as a result of which the products are shipped and returned, in the event of a payment you will have to deposit after consideration with the store’s manager.

According to Greek Law, for orders above 500€ cash on delivery by courier is forbidden. Therefore, you should choose an alternative payment method of the ones given above.

5. At the Shop

Visiting our physical location at Evgeniou Voulgareos 24, Corfu, ZIP 49100, Greece during our business hours.